The Truth Hurts - EP

by Out Cold

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"The Truth Hurts" The debut EP by London pop-punk band Out Cold.


released July 26, 2018

Recorded At The Ranch Production House
Produced, Mixed & Mastered By Neil D Kennedy
Artwork By Léna Villari


all rights reserved



Out Cold London, UK

UK Pop Punk band from London // Debut single, 'Disorganised' OUT NOW!!

Debut EP, 'The Truth Hurts', out NOW!!

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Track Name: Things I've Left Behind
Clear blue skies but greyish minds & the summer time is fading.
"90" weeks & a lack of sleep, wear down a boy who's ageing.
With a devil on both shoulders have I made the wrong decision?
The brutality of a childhood dream that I did not envision.

22 & still as immature as I was back then,
But will the sacrifices that I've made be worth it in the end?

Down in my chest there's a feeling that lingers.
From graffiti on our hometown streets to the tattoos on my fingers.
Like these old photographs capture moments over time.
They serve a purpose to remind me of the things that I've left behind.

Now the strain of all my mistakes keeps me far from sleeping.
A harsh reminder of promises that I didn't bother keeping.
Aching bones on this train back home I'm left feeling lethargic.
When I burned the bridges that I built I found catharsis.

22 & Im still as unsure if I'll get over it?
And all the sacrifices that I made did they amount to shit?

So if I keep you in my mind from time to time
Will it bring back the things that I've left behind?

Time always seems to be moving faster
But now I'm heading for a disaster.
Track Name: Wait And See
I don't know where to go.
Are you waiting for me?
What happens if I stay?
Maybe I should wait and see.

Somewhere in my head are words on repeat.
I can't take it, can't stand on my own two feet.
Why can't you listen?
This small proposition is killing me.

Let me just go there,
I promise you will see the truth.
I promise you.

Keep me away from myself when I'm all alone.
The air feels so tense, can't breathe on my own.

Let me go from this darkened room.
I can see the end, I want to start again.
Why do you make this so damn hard for me?
Track Name: Flowers In Winter
It's hard to see someone that you know.
Lose touch & become someone that you knew.
Your Christmas gift still wrapped on my shelf.
Next year I'll give it to someone else.

No hand to hold as I'm walking down this street.
In my headphones "December' is on repeat.
A brief encounter that breathed into me new life.
Only to slowly exhale and die.

The nights we spent at "The Lemon Tree".
Those late night phone calls & lack of sleep.
The times we kissed and slept on your couch,
So blind drunk that we'd both pass out.

In time those memories they will decay.
Like flowers in winter they'll wilt & fade.
I didn't think of the consequence & now I'm left with no confidence.

All I wanted was for you to just be happy.
The only thing I ask is please just don't forget me.
But if loving you helped you see you can trust again.
Then honestly the pain was worth it in the end.
Track Name: Disorganised
I can't lie again.
My heart sinks deeper every time that I pretend,
To take care of the shit you can't amend.
We're all broken & beaten but I can't change my feelings.

This is the end
And I don't really have a doubt.
We could work on how this bridge could mend
But that's not what it's about.

I can't make this right.
I'm not impartial but,
We had to end the fight.
We flew alone across the ocean.
And then we faked our own devotion.

Save me all your questions.
When you know the reasons why.
Keep me updated or just fucking hate me,
And I'll say goodbye.

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